“I have shown Ruby Who? to my audiences over the past two years. The film never fails to delight and charm. But it also serves as a profound reminder of the importance of protecting childhood from the rapacious forces of consumerism and adultification which drive childhood out of children.

Ruby comes to see the emptiness of mindless acquisition, casting off the weight of wordly goods to discover herself …and freedom.  It gives me great pleasure to commend this film to all.”

Melinda Tankard Reist. Editor, Getting Real: challenging the sexualisation of girls. Writer, speaker, social commentator and advocate for women and girls. www.melindatankardreist.com

Ruby Who? charmed my four year old, touching on simple visual metaphors that invited conversation about the difference between what we want versus what we need.  

Katrina – Brisbane

We found Ruby Who? to be absolutely delightful!  The message of being content with what you have was made clear in a beautiful, joyful way that my whole family enjoyed. My boys (9 & 5) enjoyed it as much as my daughter (12).
The message of being happy with yourself and that too much extra stuff can weigh you down comes at a wonderful time for us as we prepare to downsize and travel. I found the worksheets to be an excellent way to extend the story presented in Ruby Who?, and expand the conversations started after viewing the movie.
I really love what you have done and applaud you!

Annette – Gold Coast Australia