29, Nov

Who is Ruby Who?

Author: Hailey B


Teachers, schools and parents are finding that it’s very difficult to explain to kids about good body image and how to be happy with what and who they are.

The media and society is constantly filling our kids minds with messages like ‘You need this product to be happy!’; ‘When you look like this person you will be a success!’

Against that wall of noise, it is very difficult, but vitally important, to explain to kids that this way of thinking will lead them into a very unhappy trap.


Ruby Who? is a short film that tackles these issues.

Ruby Who? reinforces the message that having more, and being like others, doesn’t mean more fun or make you more happy!

Ruby discovers that even though she magically gets all she wishes for, these things weigh her down and stop her from enjoying life and being herself.

Ruby Who? is a resource that will help you – parents and teachers –  begin a discussion with kids on these important issues.

We have great downloadable lesson plans and guides to help you get started!


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